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     1= bcfg2 encap packages = 
     2As an alternative to the [wiki:Download distribution-specific bcfg2 binary packages] which exist for some platforms, or building from scratch from [wiki:Download source], [ encap] [wiki:EncapManEncapProfile profiles] of bcfg2 and all of the software it depends on are available, and are known to compile on AIX, GNU/Linux, Solaris, and Solaris/x86. Additional platforms should be trivial to add. 
     4The [wiki:EncapManEncapProfile encap_profile(5)]s use [wiki:EncapManMkencap mkencap(1)] to compile to binary [ encap packages], which you can install to other machines with [wiki:EncapManEpkg epkg(1)] (a tool like dpkg/rpm/pkgadd that works the same way on all platforms). 
     6For convenience [ GNU Makefiles] are supplied to automate most of this process, so all you have to do is make sure GNU make, gcc, and epkg are installed, and then cd to a few directories and type "`make`" (or "`gmake`" on non-GNU platforms). 
     8Details on this process (which you should read in their entirety) are supplied in the EncapHowto. 
     10== Client Installation Methodology == 
     11The next item on the [ TODO list] is to create a bcfg2-site package; once this is complete, you will be able to edit a few site-specific variables in a file, type "`make`/`gmake`", and get a "`bcfg2-site-YOURSITENAME-encap-share.tar.gz`" package that will automatically install and configure bcfg2 client and all dependencies on a machine with a single [wiki:EncapManEpkg epkg(1)] command. 
     13== Source Code == 
     14 * Via [ Trac "Browse Source"] 
     15 * Via `svn co` 
     16 * In the "`/encap`" subdirectory of the [wiki:Download bcfg2 source distribution] 
     18== Binary Packages == 
     19Binary packages will be made available soon (mid-late August, 2006). If you need some before then / are having trouble compiling from source, please don't hesitate to ask for help on the MailingList. 
     21== Current State == 
     22 * The [wiki:EncapManEncapProfile encap profiles] distributed with the [wiki:Download bcfg2 bcfg2-0.8.2 final release source distribution] do not work. You should get the latest profiles from subversion via 
     23 {{{ 
     24 svn co  
     25 }}} 
     26 * EncapHowto needs to be updated with latest [ README] file 
     27 * See the [ TODO list]