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bcfg2 encap packages

As an alternative to the distribution-specific bcfg2 binary packages which exist for some platforms, or building from scratch from source, encap profiles of bcfg2 and all of the software it depends on are available, and are known to compile on AIX, GNU/Linux, Solaris, and Solaris/x86. Additional platforms should be trivial to add.

The encap_profile(5)s use mkencap(1) to compile to binary encap packages, which you can install to other machines with epkg(1) (a tool like dpkg/rpm/pkgadd that works the same way on all platforms).

For convenience GNU Makefiles are supplied to automate most of this process, so all you have to do is make sure GNU make, gcc, and epkg are installed, and then cd to a few directories and type "make" (or "gmake" on non-GNU platforms).

Details on this process (which you should read in their entirety) are supplied in the EncapHowto.

Client Installation Methodology

The next item on the TODO list is to create a bcfg2-site package; once this is complete, you will be able to edit a few site-specific variables in a file, type "make/gmake", and get a "bcfg2-site-YOURSITENAME-encap-share.tar.gz" package that will automatically install and configure bcfg2 client and all dependencies on a machine with a single epkg(1) command.

Source Code

Binary Packages

Binary packages will be made available soon (mid-late August, 2006). If you need some before then / are having trouble compiling from source, please don't hesitate to ask for help on the MailingList.

Current State