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The encap packages are not currently being maintained. This page is still here mostly for historical interest. The previous maintainer no longer has to support a large number of platforms, but would be happy to mentor a new maintainer; just mail the mailing list? if interested.

Bcfg2/Encap Platforms

Below is a table of platforms that have been successfully bootstrapped using the encap package management code.

1 AIX IBM 4.3.1 POWER dc 0.9.5
2 AIX IBM 4.3.3 POWER dc 0.9.4i
3 AIX IBM 5.2.0 POWER dc 0.9.4i
4 AIX IBM 5.3.0 POWER dc 0.9.4i
5 BSD FreeBSD 6.2 ix86 dc 0.9.5
6 BSD FreeBSD 6.2 x86_64 dc 0.9.5
7 GNU/Linux CentOS 5.0 ix86 dc 0.9.5
8 GNU/Linux CentOS 5.0 x86_64 dc 0.9.5
9 GNU/Linux Debian Sarge ix86 dc 0.9.5
10 GNU/Linux Debian Etch ix86 dc 0.9.4i
11 GNU/Linux Debian Etch x86_64 dc 0.9.4i
12 GNU/Linux Debian Lenny ix86 dc 0.9.5
13 GNU/Linux Debian Sid ix86 dc 0.9.5
14 GNU/Linux Redhat 6.0 ix86 dc 0.9.4i
15 GNU/Linux Redhat 7.2 ix86 dc 0.9.4i
16 GNU/Linux Redhat RHEL4 ix86 dc 0.9.4i
17 GNU/Linux SuSE SLES8 ix86 dc 0.9.4i
18 GNU/Linux SuSE SLES10 ix86 dc 0.9.4i
19 GNU/Linux SuSE SLES10 x86_64 dc 0.9.4i
20 GNU/Linux Ubuntu Dapper ix86 dc 0.9.5
21 GNU/Linux Ubuntu Dapper x86_64 dc 0.9.5
22 GNU/Linux Ubuntu Edgy ix86 dc 0.9.5
23 GNU/Linux Ubuntu Feisty ix86 dc 0.9.5
24 Solaris Sun 2.6 Sparc dc 0.9.4i
25 Solaris Sun 8 Sparc dc 0.9.4i
26 Solaris Sun 9 Sparc dc 0.9.4i
27 Solaris Sun 10 Sparc dc 0.9.4i
28 Solaris Sun 10 x86_64 dc 0.9.5

dc: "Daniel Clark" <mailto:[email protected]…>

Adding new platforms

If you bootstrap a platform not listed above, please add a comment to:

so that platform can be added to the list.

If you modified any of the files in this package to be able to bootstrap the new platform, please include either diffs or a tarball of your modified version in a new ticket so your changes can be incorporated into a new release.

Any other notes, such as where you got the GNU binaries or any issues people should be aware of, would also be appreciated.

You may want to scan all of the bootstrapped binaries and libraries with ldd (or equivalent) to make sure there are no dependencies on libraries other than those included with the base operating system and the libraries built as part of the bootstrap process.

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