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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does Bcfg2 stand for?
    Initially, Bcfg stood for the bundle configuration system. Bcfg2 is the second major revision. At this point, the acronym is meaningless, but the name has stuck. Luckily, Bcfg2 googles better than Bcfg does. No, seriously. Try it. All I know is that I have no interest in a billion cubic feet of gas.
  • bcfg2-repo-validate is unable to process bundle.xsd
    You will need to upgrade your libxml2 to version 2.6.23 or higher. The version shipped with most distributions is too old.
    bcfg2-0.8.1/schemas/bundle.xsd:27: element complexType: 
    Schemas parser error : CT local: The content model is not determinist.
    WXS schema bcfg2-0.8.1/schemas/bundle.xsd failed to compile

Centos 4.3, Debian Sarge, SLES8-9, and RHEL4 all ship with a version that is too old.

  • what pre-requisites are needed to run Bcfg2?
  • what architectures does Bcfg2 support?
    • GNU/Linux deb based distros
    • GNU/Linux rpm based distros
    • Solaris pkg based