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    77== Services == 
     8With the exception of 32/64 bit issues, Windows Services support should be pretty trivial; it would differ from *nix services in that it would be done via WMI API calls and not a 3rd party python module or wrapping a binary. 
    9 ==  
     10== Registry == 
     11The best way of handling the registry may be to map it into a file-based representation on the server end. The Cfg and TCheetah plugins could then be used to set registry values as needed. 
     13== Files == 
     14For a first run there may be some way of utilizing [ cygwin] to make use of the existing *nix POSIX module for manipulating files. There would probably need to be some changes to deal with the fact that open files can't be manipulated/moved/deleted at all in Windows (other than to do some registry magic that makes the changes on the next reboot). 
     16== Packages == 
     17Listing and removal of packages should be pretty easy via WMI. For installation in most cases the admin would need to figure out the correct silent install flags (there is a web site that catalogs a lot of this information), and include that in the bcfg2 server-side XML along with a URL (like with the RPM plugin); the bcfg2 client itself would need to take care of download, perhaps via the [ urlgrabber python module]. 
     19Another option would be to utilize one of the existing FLOSS tools for dealing with Windows packages, such as [ WPKG]. 
     21== Prior FLOSS Art == 
     22 * [ AutoIt] - For dealing with packages that don't have a silent install option 
     23 * [ French Stuff] - [ Open Computers and Software Inventory - Next Generation] and [ GLPI - Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique] 
     24 * Javascript thing a colleague of Desai's at ANL wrote - Desai was going to see if this can be released 
     25 * [ Managing Windows with CFEngine and Perl] 
     26 * [ Outwit] - Small unixy utilities for Windows stuff like the registry and clipboard 
     27 * [ Porting cfengine to Windows NT] 
     28 * [ Real Men Don't Click] - Tobi Oetiker's stuff 
     29 * [ Unattended] - Bare Metal Installs, Package Management 
     30 * [ WPKG] - Package Management