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Notes on possible Windows support

  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) should be used wherever possible; there is an excellent WMI Python Module available.
  • Before Windows 2003 SP1, on 64-bit machines there are no API or WMI calls to get to many 32-bit windows functions (such as the 32-bit registry) from 64-bit programs, and vice versa. There also is no (official) x86_64 native python distributions for Windows pre-Python 2.5. So the choice would be:
    1. Only support Windows in Python 2.5+ (which wouldn't be that bad because part of the build process would probably be to create stand-alone bcfg2 executables using py2exe). For 64-bit support there would have to be some kind of convoluted py2exe build process that built some things with 32-bit python and some things with 64-bit python.
    2. Wrap external command-line programs such as winreg, which is part of outwit, and screen scrape. Each external command-line program would need to be compiled into 32 and 64 bit versions. This approach might lead to licensing annoyances and having binary blobs in source control.