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     1= Bcfg2gozerbot = 
     3In our IRC channel [irc:// #bcfg2 on] is a bot available.  It's called '''bcfg2gozerbot''', is a [ gozerbot], and can be controlled with commands from IRC users.  
     5To check if the bot is online and ready. 
     8<fabian_a> !botsnack 
     9<bcfg2gozerbot> smikkel ;] 
     12See the loaded plugins of the bot. 
     15<fabian_a> !list 
     16<bcfg2gozerbot> loaded plugins: 8b alarm alias all anon at banner bash birthday botsnack 
     17bugtracker buzz chanperm chatlog choice cloud code core count dns drinks facts fleet gcalc 
     18gcollect googletalk greeting grep hello ignore infoitem ipcalc irc jabber job karma lart 
     19lns mail markov misc nickcapture nickserv not oneliner plug probe projecttracker quote 
     20reload rest reverse rss sed seen size 
     21<bcfg2gozerbot>  sort stats tail tell test throttle timebomb timer tinyurl to todo trac 
     22tracserver translate udp underauth uniq upgrade urban url user userstate webserver whois 
     23wikipedia wisdom yahoo 
     26Most plugins are described in the documentation of the [ gozerbot plugins].  
     28Most of the time the bot is just lurking around and informing the people in the IRC channel about changes on the Bcfg2 wiki or in the Bcfg2 source. 
     30<bcfg2gozerbot> bcfg2timeline: ManualPages edited 
     33<bcfg2gozerbot> bcfg2timeline: Changeset [5891]: Performance improvements for bcfg2-admin reports scrub.  Switched object ... 
     36'''bcfg2gozerbot''' helps if there are typos in the message. 
     38<gregcoit> out bcfg2 conf has always had Packages 
     39<gregcoit> s/out/our/ 
     40<bcfg2gozerbot> gregcoit meant: our bcfg2 conf has always had Packages 
     43More details about the control of gozerbot can be found on the [ following] page.