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.. _CentOS:
.. _Red Hat/RHEL:
.. _Scientific Linux:
.. _EPEL:
.. _RPMForge:

.. _rhel-installation:

RHEL / Centos / Scientific Linux 

While you can go about building all these things from source, this
section will try and meet the dependencies using packages from EPEL_
[#f1]_ or RPMforge_. The *el5* package should be compatible with
`CentOS`_ 5.x and `Scientific Linux`_.


    [[email protected] ~]# rpm -Uvh


    [[email protected] ~]# rpm -Uvh

Note: Be careful with `mixing package repositories <>`_.

Install the bcfg2-server and bcfg2 RPMs::

    [[email protected] ~]# yum install bcfg2-server bcfg2

.. [#f1] For more details check the EPEL_ `instructions <>`_