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Bcfg2 0.9.6 Release

This page describes the development goals, release status and new features for the 0.9.6 release.

Development Goals

  • piling more modes (in an organized way) into bcfg2-admin, putting more of the ad hoc stuff from the tools directory into the hands of package-only users
  • streamlining acquisition/analysis
  • Continuous mode for the client -- where only previously conforming entries are changed
  • Centralized per-entry decision support (for building automatic reconfiguration processes), both rule-based and point-in-time
  • Cleaning up the revision control support
    • Support for server-initiated writes (clients.xml/ssh keys/bcfg2-admin pull data)
    • Plugin infrastructure for other revision ctl systems
  • Modular data source support -- adding the ability to build a set of data inputs for configuration generation interfacing with:
    • ldap
    • mysql
    • files
    • PODIM

Release Status

  • 0.9.6pre3 (10/10/08)

New Features

  • Client- and group-specific TCheetah and TGenshi templates
  • Client- and group-specific SGenshi structures
  • Client- and group-specific Probes
  • Multi-fingerprint support in the client
  • Rework bcfg2-admin (and implement unattended bcfg2-admin pull)
  • bcfg2-reports?
  • Editor Plugin: support cfengine style file edits without a centralized set of information
  • DBStats Plugin: Load statistics directly into the database from the server
  • Dynamic group information available in bcfg2-info
  • BB plugin: a network provisioning plugin that replaces the stock metadata plugin
  • Query mode for bcfg2-admin
  • Preliminary FreeBSD rc support
  • Pkgmgr optimizations (results in 10X speedup in startup on python2.4+)
  • Unicode support
  • Client locking support: prevent multiple client runs at the same time
  • Add fs event debugging in bcfg2-info
  • Support for direct file logging (ie bcfg2 -o /tmp/bcfg2.log)