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Roadmap: Milestone 1.0.1

Announcement from Desai:

I'm pleased to announce the final release of bcfg2-1.0.1. This release 
is a bugfix only release compared with 1.0.0. A large number of 
stability and performance issues have been fixed in this version. 
A full changelog is attached. As always, this is the result of the 
efforts of a number of people, many mentioned below.

From here, we will continue to maintain a stable release stream that 
will be bugfix only, but we hope to be able to turn our focus to 1.1, 
where new feature development will occur. The tarball is  posted now, 
and binary packages will follow soon.


Component: pass through xmlrpc Fault instances
Core: handle shutdowns properly for fam/gamin
IPS: Fix typo (Patch from Matthew Baker)
Info: Fix regex for paranoid options in info files
Metadata: build session cache properly for uuid clients
Metadata: fix use of session cache for cert-recognized clients
Metadata: handle errors more robustly, and perform clients.xml wranging in new file
Metadata: use normalized hostnames for comparison (reported by gregcoit)
Packages: create urls that work with old urllib2 (Resolves ticket #796)
Packages: handle architecture changes in Yum configs
Packages: process apt-source choices correctly with multi-package version requirements (Reported by gregcoit) Fix Cfg conflicts (Reported by Thorsten Lockert on irc)
Plugin: add a per-plugin runtime debugging infrastructure
Proxy: better error handling (Resolves Ticket #810)
Proxy: transport errors more gracefully (Fixes #803, at least on the client side)
RPMng: fix ignore filename handing (Resolves Ticket #811)
RPMng: supress prelink runs in dryrun mode (Resolves Ticket #794)
RcUpdate: Fix Service detection on Gentoo (Patch from Thorsten Lockert #825)
RcUpdate: Sync [5558] from trunk (will use  notation from now on)
Reports: Fix incorrect error message (reported by Thorsten Lockert)
Reports: Fix interaction display (Patch from Tim Laszlo)
Reports: Fix traceback in Summary/System views (ticket #793 Reported by Thorsten Lockert)
SSLServer: Add file descriptor leak fix from 1.0.0 stable branch
SSLServer: fix socket shutdown code (compatible across trunk, 1.0.1rc, and 0.9.6)
SSLServer: proper fix for fd leak
SSLServer: set socket timeout for client sockets
Schema: Add missing 'to' attribute for Path entries (Reported by Thorsten Lockert)
Schema: Add missing element/attributes
Xcmd: improve error handling for authentication failures
bcfg2-server: Enable logging to file (fixes #817)
debian packaging: Sync packaging fixes from Danny Clark
rpm packaging fixes (Resolves Ticket #789)
debian packaging: Applied minor cosmetic change patch from Sami Haahtinen (mailing list)