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From: Sol Jerome
Subject: bcfg2-1.0.1rc3
Date: 2010-01-06 03:58:00 GMT (1 year, 40 weeks, 16 hours and 22 minutes ago)

A release candidate for bcfg2 1.0.1rc3 is now available for final

This release is geared toward bugfixes and packaging fixes. The
following highlights some of these changes:

 * Improve debian/ubuntu packaging
 * Fix reporting system tracebacks for some displays
 * Ticket #810 (SSL cn check)
 * Ticket #811 (fix client Ignores)
 * Ticket #817 (fix server logging to file)
 * Fix paranoid settings for info files
 * Fix file descriptor leak in the server

Many thanks to all who contributed/tested 1.0.0. Daniel Clark cleaned up
the debian packaging. In addition, he setup both stable and testing PPAs
for Ubuntu while also adding a debian archive at
Thorsten Lockert tested out the reporting system and contributed various
patches. Lisa Giacchetti tirelessly stress tested the server to find the
file descriptor leaks. And, of course, Narayan Desai fixed those. Others
have helped in testing as well.

After letting this simmer for a few days, it will become the final
release. Please test heavily and report any bugs you find either here,
on irc, or on Trac.