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     3Announcement sent by Desai 
     6I'm really pleased to announce the availability of the final version of bcfg2-1.1.0. This version has numerous improvements over version 1.1.1, in over 400 changesets.  This version features several drastic improvements over version 1.0.1, including: 
     7 - Greatly improved accuracy and performance of the Packages plugin 
     8 - A re-written YUMng driver 
     9 - django reporting system bugfixes and operational utilities 
     10 - POSIX Path entries 
     11 - new documentation in sphinx (to replace trac wiki docs) 
     12 - drivers for Upstart, Mercurial and Darcs 
     13 - bugfixes all over the tree 
     15The only major repository change in this version is that posix Path entries now must be used in bundles and rules. If old clients are talking to a new server, the POSIXCompat plugin can re-render new style configurations into ones that can be used by clients older than 1.0.1. (1.0.1 and newer support both formats). 
     17This release, more than any previous one is the result of hard work by a large number of people. The following people have made really large contributions: (in alphabetical order) 
     18- Fabian Affolter 
     19 - Jonathan Billings 
     20 - Richard Connon 
     21 - Joe Digilio 
     22 - Arto Jantunen 
     23 - Sol Jerome 
     24 - Mathieu Jobin 
     25 - Tim Laszlo 
     26 - m4z 
     27 - Jack Neely (slack) 
     29This release also includes patches from a bunch of others as well. 
     31From here on out, we are going to branch a 1.1.X stable release stream, and will do new feature development against the 1.2.0 branch. 
     32As always, problems can be reported here, on IRC, or in trac. 
     33Great job everyone! 
     34 -nld