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     1'''This version has not been released yet. This is the announcement for RC2. This is Sol's email to bcfg2-dev mailing list.''' 
     5A new release for bcfg2 1.2.0rc2 is now available at: 
     10The following highlights some of the major changes from the first 
     11release candidate: 
     13 * SSHbase - Add a number of features 
     15  * Support for group-specific host keys 
     16  * Support for fully static host- and group-specific ssh_known_hosts 
     17  * (Support for totally generic host keys and ssh_known_hosts, too, 
     18    but that's pretty useless.) 
     19  * Support for info.xml, info, and :info files; only info.xml is likely 
     20    to be useful, with the <Path> directive 
     21  * ECDSA key support from ticket #1063 
     23 * Packages 
     25  * Improve error handling of Packages plugin (from Mike McCallister) 
     26  * The following is from Chris St. Pierre: 
     27    * Added support for yum libraries (if available and configured). 
     28      This can dramatically reduce memory usage, and fixed several bugs: 
     29      * #1014 (Package plugin can't resolve dependencies for rpms with 
     30        Require: tags for full paths that aren't Provided explicitly) 
     31      * #991 (Dependency Resolution difference between Package and yum) 
     32      * #996 (Packages high memory usage) 
     33    * Added support for Yum package groups when using yum libraries 
     34      (#1039) 
     35    * Fixed #911 (bcfg2 output for wrong package version with Packages 
     36      is misleading) 
     37    * YUMng turns down the Yum debug level itself depending on the 
     38      debug/verbosity level requested by bcfg2 so you don't have to reduce 
     39      the Yum debug level on a global basis 
     40    * Added support for Pulp repositories, including registering Pulp 
     41      consumers and binding to repositories 
     42    * Added ability to disable magic OS groups 
     44 * improve error logging during LDAP query processing (from Torsten Rehn) 
     45 * Cfg: Add support for .cheetah files (from Joe Digilio) 
     46 * Initial support for the APK management in Alpine Linux (from Fabian 
     47  Affolter on behalf of Cameron Banta) 
     48 * made all XMLFileBacked plugins (e.g., GroupPatterns) support XInclude 
     49  (from Chris St. Pierre) 
     50 * added Defaults plugin (from Chris St. Pierre) 
     51 * made templated bundles understand <Group> and <Client> tags (from 
     52  Chris St. Pierre) 
     53 * Reports: Make database_port setting optional (from Holger Weiß) 
     55In addition to those mentioned above, we also received contributions 
     56from anatoly techtonik and Calen Pennington. Thanks to everyone who 
     59There are Ubuntu packages built and available in the testing PPA. 
     61We are in need of some more testing before we tag the final release. 
     62Please test and report any bugs here or on IRC, Trac, or Github.