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Trac Milestone Page for v1.2.0

1.2.0 Final Release Announcement

A new release for bcfg2 1.2.0 is now available at:

Due to the large number of new features, I'll just do my best to summarize some of the changes. A more complete list can be found on the roadmap at

user facing changes:

  • This release has important changes to the Packages plugin which will require you to convert your existing Packages configuration. The tools/ script exists to assist with this migration.
  • Templates written for Bcfg2 <= 1.1.x which access metadata.Properties[file].data will have to be modified to use the "xdata" attribute instead of "data".

Documentation for the latest stable release (1.2.0) can be found at

(partial) new feature list:

  • Packages support for pulp (
  • Updated web frontend for reports
  • New bcfg2-reports package
  • Support for TGenshi/TCheetah in Cfg
  • SSLCA plugin for automated SSL certificate generation
  • Pacman support for Archlinux
  • New bcfg2-admin modes
  • Documentation overhaul
  • New LDAP plugin
  • bcfg2-repo-validate rewrite (as bcfg2-lint)
  • Massive schema fixes/updates
  • Basic systemd support
  • Probe supported for automated handling of JSON, XML, and YAML output
  • bcfg2-reports enhancements/fixes
  • Packages plugin rewrite
  • Support for VCS specification/checkout
  • SSHbase new features
  • Support for APK packages (Alpine Linux)

The list of contributors for this release is too long to mention here (they can be found in previous release announcements). Thanks to everyone who has contributed both with code and bug reports!

There are Ubuntu packages built and available in the Bcfg2 PPA.

We also have a new github mirror at You may need to update your local repositories and refork so that pull requests go to the proper location.

Sorry about the delay in getting out this announcement. Happy Bcfg2'ing!