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    11[ Trac Milestone Page for v1.2.1] 
    3 = 1.2.1 = 
     3= 1.2.1 Final Release Announcement = 
    5 The next planned release is v1.2.1. It will be a bug fix release. See above milestone reports for tickets related to this release. 
     5A new release for Bcfg2 1.2.1 is now available at: 
     9Bcfg2 1.2.1 is primarily a bugfix release, with over 2 dozen reported bugs and dozens more unreported bugs fixed.  The only significant change from 1.2.0 is that regular expression support in Rules is now optional, and off by default; see for more details. 
     11A non-exhaustive list of fixes includes: 
     13 * Services listed in multiple bundles will only be restarted once (#853) 
     14 * Warnings about web_debug added to DBStats (#954) 
     15 * Rules is no longer sensitive to trailing slashes on entries (#967) 
     16 * Various schema fixes, including: 
     17   * Client tags in info.xml (#994) 
     18   * Made Packages sources.xml schema more forgiving 
     19 * Fixed built-in yum metadata parser for Fedora 15+ and RHEL 6 metadata format (#1027) 
     20 * Fixed help from bcfg2-admin (#1033, #1056) 
     21 * Fixed interactive mode handling of "pre" and "both" Actions (#1052) 
     22 * Added support for "removal" of extra Services (#1075) 
     23 * Fixed Pkgmgr plugin of bcfg2-lint (#1082) 
     24 * Fixed creation of info.xml by bcfg2-admin pull when :info already exists (#1089) 
     25 * Many, many more errors caught and handled gracefully instead of with tracebacks 
     26 * Fixed implementation of regex in Rules and Default; made it off by default in Rules 
     27 * Numerous Package plugin fixes: 
     28 * Traceback with GPG Keys (#956) 
     29   * Note about changing the value of "recommended" (#1083) 
     30   * Added back toggle_debug (#1091) 
     31   * Fixed automatic repository naming by Yum plugin 
     32   * Fixed handling of a single package available in two different repos 
     33   * Fixed setting YumBase config (#1073, and elsewhere) 
     34   * Made Yum reload its config in the middle of a client run to catch new .repo files 
     36Enhancements include: 
     38 * Much much much better debugging from Packages plugin and bcfg2-yum-helper (including #1091) 
     39 * Added two new bcfg2-info modes to make Packages plugin debugging easier: packageresolve and packagesources 
     40 * bcfg2-admin now accepts the -Q flag and a few others, to make it easier to run by an unprivileged user against a checked-out copy of the specification 
     41 * Various small tweaks to better support Scientific Linux 
     42 * Various performance improvements 
     43 * New bcfg2-lint plugin for GroupPatterns 
     44 * New tools: 
     45   * bcfg2-test builds all clients and verify that they have no failures 
     46   * renders templates and shows performance data 
     47   * is a sample implementation of a fairly detailed SVN postcommit logging hook. 
     49Special thanks to the people who were willing to abuse 1.2.0 and help us pinpoint the bugs that have been fixed.  Special thanks to the people who helped me work through Packages plugin bugs on IRC: esrax, mattikus, and spribyl.  Their patience has been a big part of this release. 
     51This release got contributions from the usual contributors, particularly Raul Cuza, who contributed a number of build and install system fixes and many other small fixes, and Calen Pennington, who contributed bcfg2-test and the performance fixes.