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1.2.3 Final Release Announcement

A new release for Bcfg2 1.2.3 is now available at:

Bcfg2 1.2.3 is primarily a bugfix release, including one critical bug in the Trigger plugin (CVE-2012-3366). Several new minor features have also been added.

Major bug fixes in 1.2.3:

  • Fixed major bug in Trigger plugin that could allow an attacker who has gained root access to a Bcfg2 client to gain access to your Bcfg2 server by using a malformed UUID (CVE-2012-3366)
  • Fixed issues with using ProbeData? object as a string
  • Significant fixes to MacPorts? package tool (from Luke Cyca)

New features in 1.2.3:

  • Added YUMng hooks into DBStats (from John Reddy)
  • Added DB2 support for DBStats (from John Reddy)
  • Package plugin:
    • Added support for re-reading packages.conf on the fly
    • Search for bcfg2-yum-helper in $PATH
    • Added feature to allow specifying arbitrary repository options
    • Backported feature to allow Packages plugin to set version attribute to "any" instead of "all"
  • SSLCA plugin now respects info.xml files
  • Added features to bcfg2-test to pass options to nose, ignore tests (both from Calen Pennington), and test specific clients
  • Added bcfg2-lint plugin to warn about .cat and .diff files

A non-exhaustive list of minor bug fixes in 1.2.3:

  • Fixed various logging issues with the Cfg plugin
  • Fixed traceback arising from a missing bundle
  • Removed some excess code
  • Fixed several template examples (from Brent Bloxam) and many other documentation fixes
  • Dependency cleanup, packaging fixes for RPMs, Debian packages, Solaris builds
  • Schema fixes for BoundPath? devices, XIncludes
  • Various fixes to launchd service tool
  • Many error message improvements
  • Universally use an XML parser that strips whitespace in order to solve an issue with concatenation of data onto an existing XML file (e.g., clients.xml)
  • Packages plugin fixes:
    • Fixed debug output from bcfg2-yum-helper
    • Fixed automatic handling of RPM GPG keys when use_yum_libraries is off but yum libraries are available
    • Fixed bug that caused bcfg2-server to try to set up Pulp connection if Pulp libraries were installed at all, not only if Pulp was configured
    • Fixed generation of repository names for auto-generation of Yum config
    • Improved handling of option to disable metadata
    • Several tracebacks handled more gracefully
  • SSLCA fixes:
    • Set 'type' attribute correctly
    • Improved logging
    • Improved verification routines
  • bcfg2-info fixes:
    • packagesources fixed for repos that use Component tags
    • Added support for newer versions of IPython
    • Fixed various bugs in builddir
  • bcfg2-lint fixes:
    • Made all plugins respect command-line filelist (--stdin)
    • Better line-wrapping