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The second prerelease for Bcfg2 1.3.0 is now available at:

Bcfg2 1.3.0pre2 is a prerelease, and contains many new features, including some that are backwards-incompatible with Bcfg2 1.2.x and earlier. Please read the release notes (and ReleaseAnnouncement/1.3.0pre1) thoroughly. The code is fairly stable, but this is a prerelease and as such is not likely suitable for general production deployment. That said, please help us test the release in non- and preproduction environments.

The following are user-facing changes:

  • Changed the 'perms' POSIX attribute to 'mode' for better consistency. A tool located at tools/upgrade/1.3/ can assist you in migrating your old configurations. Due to this change, you will need to enable the POSIXCompat plugin to allow older clients to talk to a 1.3 server.
  • The server now requires python-daemon.
  • The YUMng client tool has been renamed to YUM and the RPMng client tool has been renamed to RPM.
  • The Bcfg2 client now exits on Probe failure by default.
  • The DBStats plugin has been superceded by a new Reporting plugin and subsystem. If using the DBStats plugin, you will need to migrate your data by running the script located at tools/upgrade/1.3/ In addition, you will need to change DBStats to Reporting in bcfg2.conf.
  • The cherrypy backend requires an unreleased version of cherrypy due to a major bug (
  • The Svn2 and Svn plugins have been merged into a single "Svn" plugin. The new plugin supports both PySVN, or, if not available, using svn commands.

The following features have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

  • Packages 'magic groups'
  • YUM24 tool
  • Paths with perms='inherit'
  • FAM filemonitor

The following is a non-exhaustive list of fixes and features:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Tickets fixed
  • Fleshed out unit tests for a lot of the server code (Thanks Chris!)
  • Server-side client metadata object caching (
  • Documentation improvements
  • Update reports to work with Django 1.4
  • New bcfg2-info automatch command
  • Encryption improvements
    • made algorithm configurable
  • New bcfg2-selinux RPM subpackage
  • Allow server to drop privileges
  • Reporting system overhaul (Thanks Tim!)
    • New experimental redis transport
  • Launchd support for OS X 10.7 and 10.8
  • Solaris manifest files
  • New 'bcfg2-info probes' subcommand to list probes for a client
  • Support for JSON and YAML properties files
  • New tool to run bcfg2 against a local specification
  • Git plugin improvements:
    • Support for GitPython and dulwich libraries, and a direct command interface
    • Git.Update RMI to allow updating the local working copy

Prerelease 2 received contributions from the following people:

  • John Morris
  • Andy Brody
  • Christopher 'm4z' Holm
  • Chris Brinker
  • Luke Cyca
  • Phillip Steinbachs
  • Jake Davis