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     1= 1.3.0 Release Candidate 2 Release Announcement = 
     3The second (and probably final) release candidate for Bcfg2 1.3.0 is now available at: 
     7Bcfg2 1.3.0rc2 is a release candidate, and should be representational of the final 1.3.0 release.  The code is quite stable at this point, but this remains a release *candidate*, so please consider carefully whether or not it is suitable for production deployment at your site.  Please help us test the release wherever you can, including production and non-production environments. 
     9There are two minor user-facing changes for users of previous 1.3.0 prereleases and release candidate: 
     11  * Configuring strict/lax decryption is no longer done separately in the `[sshkeys]` and `[properties]` sections, but once in the `[encryption]` section ( 
     12  * It is no longer necessary to explicitly enable encryption on each Properties file. 
     14RC2 is almost entirely a bug fix release over RC1.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of fixes (and a few new features): 
     16  * Added a managed uid/gid range for POSIXUser and POSIXGroup entries ( 
     17  * Better logging from the Git plugin 
     18  * Better build-time dependencies for Debian packages 
     19  * Building docs is now possible without a network connection 
     20  * !NagiosGen bugfix for unused configurations 
     21  * bcfg2-lint fixes: 
     22    * Updated bcfg2-lint for SELinux and POSIX entries 
     23    * Better default plugin list 
     24  * Fixed systemd unit 
     25  * Fixed use of default Path metadata in config file 
     26  * Fixed use of Packages for yum repositories with no yum libraries 
     27  * Various documentation fixes 
     28  * ...And many other bug fixes 
     30If this is your first foray into Bcfg2 1.3, you are strongly encouraged to read release notes for the preleases and previous release candidate: 
     32  * [wiki:ReleaseAnnouncement/1.3.0pre1] 
     33  * [wiki:ReleaseAnnouncement/1.3.0pre2] 
     34  * [wiki:ReleaseAnnouncement/1.3.0rc1]