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     1We are happy to announce the release of Bcfg2 1.3.2.  It is available for download at: 
     5This release fixes a great number of bugs in 1.3.1, but it also comes with many fun and exciting new features.  Please read the release notes thoroughly -- there are lots of good bits in here! 
     7The following are user-facing changes: 
     9  * In order to run an Action in a shell and use shell features (like `&&` chaining, pipes, etc.), you must now specify `shell="true"` in the Action tag: 
     10  * The RMI calls to set debugging on the FAM driver have changed from `set_fam_debug` and `toggle_fam_debug` to `<driver>.set_debug` and `<driver>.toggle_debug` (e.g., `Inotify.toggle_debug`) 
     12The following is a non-exhaustive list of new features and bug fixes: 
     14  * New `bootstatus` attribute in Service tags allows the specification of a boot-time status separately from the current `status` attribute. This allows for more fine-grained control over, e.g., services that are really just boot scripts: 
     15  * New multiprocessing server core and bcfg2-test 
     16  * VCS Path entries using SVN can now take `revision='latest'` 
     17  * VCS Path entries using Git can now take a refname as the revision. Other improvements as well. 
     18  * New !GroupLogic plugin lets you write arbitrary Genshi to generate group memberships: 
     19  * Added support for wildcard XInclude: 
     20  * Svn plugin: New options to specify username and password, trust SSL certificates 
     21  * Added feature to set default authentication type globally 
     22  * Greatly improved the code for executing external commands during client runs 
     23  * Packages plugin exposes `get_config()` function to get configs for other hosts, useful for generating configs for other applications (e.g., mock) 
     24  * Added option to force server to block until all FAM events are processed 
     25  * Lots of improvements to `` tool 
     26  * POSIXGroup tags now support better `<MemberOf group="foo"/>` syntax 
     27  * New tool to facilitate migrating from Probes XML backend to database backend 
     28  * New config option to set arbitrary database options 
     29  * `bcfg2-yum-helper`: Handle and log errors better; produce fewer errors; avoid database locking bug that could result in hung helpers 
     30  * Various debugging improvements 
     31  * Various IPv6 fixes 
     32  * Various fixes for `bcfg2-info`: better help messages, better `packageresolve`, option parsing fixes, fixed `bcfg2-info config` 
     33  * `bcfg2-lint` improvements, fixes, and new tests 
     34  * Cleaned up spec file, Debian and Solaris builds 
     35  * Fixed handling of Ctrl-C in severl places 
     36  * Fixed schemas that required more attributes than necessary when using the Defaults plugin 
     37  * Fixed `.cat` and `.diff` behavior with host-specific base files 
     38  * Fixed Portage version verification 
     39  * Fixed return values from init scripts 
     40  * Fixed calculation of average times in `bcfg2-admin perf` 
     41  * Lots of code cleanup 
     42  * Many other bug fixes 
     44Special thanks to all of our contributors for 1.3.1: Alexander Sulfrian, Dan Foster, !DongInn Kim, Duncan Hutty, Jake Davis, Jason Kincl, Jon Norman, Luke Cyca, Michael Fenn, Phil Miller, and Tim Laszlo