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    11== Installing Babel on BG/P (Surveyor at Argonne) == 
    2 ==== (Notes by Boyana Norris [mailto:[email protected]]) ==== 
     3==== Current build instructions (Notes by Stephen Tramer [mailto:[email protected]]) ==== 
     5It is strongly recommended that you make a directory on /scratch to perform your build in.  Boyana mentions in her notes below that configure/make takes a long time; this is because of the slow disk access to $HOME on login nodes for surveyor.  Configure and builds proceed much faster on /scratch. 
     7These notes very closely follow Boyana's, but some of her fixes have now been patched into the code.  For the full details of what has been modified in order to support BG/P, please see below. 
     9These instructions will enable support for all languages except java (irrelevant on BG/P, since it doesn't have java).  Throughout $BABEL_SRC will refer to your local babel source copy and $BABEL_INSTALL to the directory where babel will be installed.  Please be aware that this build process has been tested only in the development branch, for the proposed babel 1.5.0. 
     111. Build a local version of libxml2.  There is a version available at /home/tramer (and one in /home/norris/cca), compiled for use with applications being compiled for BG/P.  However, it is recommended that you roll your own to become familiar with some issues with cross-compiling using the GNU autotools.  However, if you do this, you will need to run the $BABEL_SRC/contrb/ script to patch up the generated libtool files. 
     132. Configure the project: 
     16$BABEL_SRC/configure CPP="gcc -E" CC=mpixlc CXX=mpixlcxx FC=mpixlf2003 F77=mpixlf77 --with-bindc --prefix=$BABEL_INSTALL \ 
     17  --host=powerpc-bgp-linux-gnu --target=powerpc64-ibm-bgp --without-sidlx --with-gcc=no \ 
     18  --enable-python=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/bin/python target_alias=powerpc64-ibm-bgp \ 
     19  --with-libxml2=$LIBXML2_LOCATION --without-libparsifal LDFLAGS="-G -qnostaticlink" host_alias=powerpc-bgp-linux-gnu 
     22If the configure fails, run aclocal, autoconf, and automake in both $BABEL_SRC and $BABEL_SRC/runtime.  Note that you will need autoconf 2.64 and automake 1.10.x; these are not available on the login machines and you will have to build them yourself (but do not need to port them to BG/P; they will only be used for building). 
     24If your configure fails, please look at Boyana's instructions below and examine your output to determine where the mistake could be. 
     263. Run $BABEL_SRC/contrib/ in the $BABEL_SRC directory.  This will patch your libtool files so that they are compatible with the BG/P compilers.  '''Do not skip this step.  If step 4 fails, make sure you have done this.''' 
     284. 'make clean all install' 
     30If your make fails, please look at Boyana's instructions below and examine your output to determine where the mistake could be. 
     32==== Old build instructions (Notes by Boyana Norris [mailto:[email protected]]) ==== 
    434I do not recommend that anyone tries this unless they want to spend a lot of time waiting for configure scripts to complete (e.g., on my laptop, babel configure takes 2.5 minutes, while on the BG/P it takes at least 20 minutes, depending on various options, and then you have to actually build).  
    6898         AC_MSG_WARN([Configuration for Python failed.  Support for Python disabled!]) 
     101(NOTE from Tramer: This change was not necessary for the new BG/P cross-compilation, and in fact broke the build.) 
    70103Finally, I modified {{{runtime/config/config.sub}}} as follows: