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IBM Compilers

We are currently developing a bocca project specifically for Surveyor that will test the ccaTool chain. This project is also the starting point for developing a swappable component.

Building a Simple Bocca Project

  • Create the project and components, then configure, then build it. The first step is to check if anything works on the BG/P backend.
    >>bocca create project boccaSurveyor --language=cxx
    >>cd boccaSurveyor
    >>bocca create port matMulPort
    >>bocca create component matMul --provides=matMulPort:matMulPort --language=cxx
    >>bocca create component matMulDriver --go=run [email protected] --language=cxx
  • Here are two configure lines, one for surveyor and one for the dijkstra. As a test I also build this on dijkstra, so include it if anyone wants to try this out locally.
    • Surveyor
      >>./configure --with-ccafe-config=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/ccatools/bin/ccafe-config \
      --with-bocca=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/ccatools/bin/bocca \
      --with-babel=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/babel/bin/powerpc64-ibm-bgp-babel \
      --with-babel-config=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/babel/bin/powerpc64-ibm-bgp-babel-config \
      --with-languages="c cxx python"
    • Dijkstra
      >>./configure --with-ccafe-config=/usr/local/contrib/cca-toolOFF/bin/ccafe-config \
      --with-bocca=/usr/local/contrib/bocca/bin/bocca \
      --with-babel=/usr/local/contrib/babel-1.5.0_r6802/bin/babel \
  • Kick off an initial build to make sure that the infrastructure is correct.
    >>bocca config --update
    >>make ; make check
  • Modify the port to include a method.
    >>bocca edit -s matMulPort
    • What I added in the SIDL:
       12     interface matMulPort extends gov.cca.Port
       13     {
       14         // DO-NOT-DELETE bocca.splicer.begin(boccaSurveyor.matMulPort.methods)
       15           double doSomeCalc(in double x);
       16         // DO-NOT-DELETE bocca.splicer.end(boccaSurveyor.matMulPort.methods)
       17     }   
  • Edit the component that provides matMulPort:
    >>bocca edit -i matMul
    • What I added in the component implentation (Find the splicer blocks that state DO-DELETE-WHEN-IMPLEMENTING):
      345 {
      346   // DO-NOT-DELETE splicer.begin(boccaSurveyor.matMul.doSomeCalc)
      347   // Insert-Code-Here {boccaSurveyor.matMul.doSomeCalc} (doSomeCalc method)
      348   return x*x;
      349   // DO-NOT-DELETE splicer.end(boccaSurveyor.matMul.doSomeCalc)
      350 }
  • Edit matMulDriver that uses matMulPort:
    >>bocca edit -i matMulDriver
    • What I added in the driver implentation (Find the splicer blocks that state REMOVE ME):
      439   try {
      440     // All port instances should be rechecked for ._not_nil before calling in 
      441     // user code. Not all ports need be connected in arbitrary use.
      442     // The uses ports appear as local variables here named exactly as on the 
      443     // bocca commandline.
      445     // Insert-UserCode-Here {boccaSurveyor.matMulDriver.go} 
      446     std::cout << "doSomeCalc(5.0) " << matMulPort.doSomeCalc(5.0) << std::endl;
      447   }
  • Build the entire project:
    >> make ; make install
  • Make check will fail since this code is not meant to run on the front-end nodes. Nevertheless I added the following in my .bashrc
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/ccatools/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/ccatools/lib/ccafe-0.8.8:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/libtool-2.4/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/babel/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • Create a run script called test.rc and place it in components/tests. This is very similar to the file components/tests/instantiation.gen.rc. I've also created a python driver component (not documented) that I will also use for testing.
    \#!ccaffeine bootstrap file. 
    # ------- don't change anything ABOVE this line.-------------
    path set /gpfs/home/muszala/ecloudBuild/IBM/testCCA/boccaSurveyor/install/share/cca
    repository get-global boccaSurveyor.matMul
    instantiate boccaSurveyor.matMul boccaSurveyor_matMul
    repository get-global boccaSurveyor.matMulDriver
    instantiate boccaSurveyor.matMulDriver boccaSurveyor_matMulDriver
    connect boccaSurveyor_matMulDriver matMulPort boccaSurveyor_matMul matMulPort
    go matMulDriver run
  • Create a wrapper shell script that calls cobalt-mpirun (needed when you execute scripts on surveyor):
    cobalt-mpirun -np 1 -env "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/ccatools/lib:\
    /bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/bin/python \
    /gpfs/home/muszala/ecloudBuild/IBM/testCCA/boccaSurveyor/install/lib/python2.6/site-packages \
    CCAFE_USE_MPI=1" \
    /gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/ccatools/bin/ccafe-batch \
    --ccafe-mpi yes --ccafe-rc /home/muszala/ecloudBuild/IBM/testCCA/boccaSurveyor/components/tests/test.rc
    #~#/gpfs/home/projects/ccatools/install/IBM/ccatools/bin/ccafe-single \
    #~#--ccafe-rc /home/muszala/ecloudBuild/IBM/testCCA/boccaSurveyor/components/tests/test.rc
    #~#--ccafe-mpi yes --ccafe-rc /home/muszala/ecloudBuild/IBM/testCCA/boccaSurveyor/components/tests/test.rc
  • Running a simulation (C++ driver calling C++ implementation).
    >>qsub --mode script -A cca-tools -t 5 -n 1 -O boccaTest ./
  • Checking the output...look at the file boccaTest.output and you should see:
    >>more boccaTest.output 
    doSomeCalc(5.0) 25
    process group 112 has completed
  • Running a simulation (Python driver calling C++ implementation)...Not test during rebuilds of May 2011.
  • First I slightly modified driver.rc :
    \#!ccaffeine bootstrap file. 
    # ------- don't change anything ABOVE this line.-------------
    path set /gpfs/home/muszala/ccaToolBuild/boccaSurveyor/install/share/cca
    repository get-global boccaSurveyor.matMul
    instantiate boccaSurveyor.matMul boccaSurveyor_matMul
    #~#repository get-global boccaSurveyor.matMulDriver
    #~#instantiate boccaSurveyor.matMulDriver boccaSurveyor_matMulDriver
    repository get-global boccaSurveyor.matMulDriverPython
    instantiate boccaSurveyor.matMulDriverPython boccaSurveyor_matMulDriverPython
    connect boccaSurveyor_matMulDriverPython matMulPort boccaSurveyor_matMul matMulPort
    #~#connect boccaSurveyor_matMulDriver matMulPort boccaSurveyor_matMul matMulPort
    #~#go matMulDriver run
    go matMulDriverPython run
  • Kick off the job itself:
    >>qsub --mode script -A cca-tools -t 5 -n 1 -O boccaTest ./
  • With output like this:
    >>more boccaTest.output 
    in Python driver 
    matMulPort.doSomeCalc(5.0)  25.0
    process group 5185 has completed