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Installing bocca on BG/P (Surveyor at Argonne)

Current build instructions (Notes by Stephen Tramer [email protected]…)

There is nothing fancy that needs to be done to port bocca, because it's a python tool. All you need is the following configure line:

./configure CPP="gcc -E" CC=mpixlc CXX=mpixlcxx FC=mpixlf2003 F77=mpixlf77 LDFLAGS="-G -qnostaticlink" \
  --host=powerpc-bgp-linux-gnu --target=powerpc64-ibm-bgp target_alias=powerpc64-ibm-bgp \
  --prefix=$CCA_INSTALL_DIR --with-python=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/bin/python \
  --with-ccafe-config=$CCA_INSTALL_DIR/bin/ccafe-config \
  --with-cca-spec-babel-config=$CCA_INSTALL_DIR/bin/cca-spec-babel-config \

'make' takes care of the rest.