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CQoS C++ Database Library Installation


Build code:

  • Run 'perfdmf_configure' to configure database with PerfDMF. Some notes about the configuration:
    • database name is 'cqos',
    • store the database user password in your configuration file
    • PerfDMF schema file is at 'cqos-database/DBSchemas/metaschema.txt'
  • Then you can run 'psql perfdb your_user_name' to check if the DB is correctly configured.
  • To build and install in the cqos-database/installed directory, run
      make install
  • You can also specify the location of the PostgreSQL library and an alternate installation location, you can use

the --with-postgresql and --prefix configure options, respectively.

  • A small example that shows how to use various database management and query functions is located at directory at database/tests/