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Performance Experiment Components

Project Overview

Performance experiments can involve multiple execution runs where parameters such as execution platform, measurement tools, methods of measurement, application parameters, and analysis techniques can vary. In order to manage the layers of complexity involved in experimental setup, execution, and post-analysis, a degree of automation is necessary at each stage of the process. A layer of abstraction is needed to hide the intricacies involved in experimental set-up and runs for varying sets of experimental parameters. This suite of software features an integrated component-based environment that automates the process of running multiple performance experiments and parameter selection of parallel scientific applications. This toolkit will enable application scientists to easily modify the experimental parameters over multiple execution runs and to selectively retrieve the data for analysis and generation of performance models.


(Open-source license)

Development version (unstable) can be checked out anonymously with:

svn co cqos-perf-components

Contact Van Bui or Boyana Norris if you wish to contribute to this project.

Software Requirements

  • CCA tools (including Babel, cca-spec-babel, ccaffeine)

Build and Installation

  • Checking out, updating, or moving the Bocca project requires a couple of bocca commands and a reconfiguration:
    bocca update --store
    bocca config --update