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Selected Recent Component-Related Publications

  • L. McInnes, J. Ray, R. Armstrong, T. Dahlgren,
  1. Malony, B. Norris, S. Shende, J. Kenny, and J. Steensland,

Computational Quality of Service for Scientific CCA Applications: Composition, Substitution, and Reconfiguration, Argonne National Laboratory preprint ANL/MCS-P1326-0206, February, 2006.

  • L. McInnes, B. Allan, R. Armstrong, S. Benson,
  1. Bernholdt, T. Dahlgren, L. Diachin, M. Krishnan, J. Kohl, J. Larson,
  2. Lefantzi, J. Nieplocha, B. Norris, S. Parker, J.Ray, and S. Zhou,

Parallel PDE-Based Simulations Using the Common Component Architecture, Argonne National Laboratory preprint ANL/MCS-P1179-0704, 2005, in in Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations on Parallel Computers, A. M. Bruaset, P. Bjorstad, and A. Tveito, editors, Springer.

  • D. Bernholdt, B. Allan, R. Armstrong, F. Bertrand,
  1. Chiu, T. Dahlgren, K. Damevski, W. Elwasif, T. Epperly,
  2. Govindaraju, D. Katz, J. Kohl, M. Krishnan, G. Kumfert, J. Larson,
  3. Lefantzi, M. Lewis, A. Malony, L. McInnes, J. Nieplocha, B. Norris,

A Component Architecture for High-Performance Scientific Computing, International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, ACTS Collection Special Issue, 2005.