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A Contractor-Based CCA Tools Build System

This projects is a replacement build system for the Common Component Architecture scientific computing tools, which consist of around a dozen packages. The previous build system was a script based on autotools but it was complicated, hard to read and update, and didn't work on all architectures.

The new build system is based on Contractor, a new dependency handling build system written in Python, and many of our own improvements. The new system is a modular, easy to read and easy to update, object oriented approach that simplifies the build system and makes it as easy to use as possible. All output is logged and on failure the logs are archived to be sent to the developers for debugging. A GTK+ graphical user interface is provided to ease configuration.

Here is a presentation on the new build system:

Getting the CCA Contractor build system

We have not made an official release yet. Nightly tarballs are available:

If you are interested in contributing to our development, please email Boyana Norris.