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CCSM3 on Generic Linux

Supplemental instructions on how to install CCSM3 on an unsupported Linux cluster.

This assumes you have downloaded an untarred the CCSM source code. Untarring the code creates a directory called "ccsm3_0".

In these instructions, the $SCRATCH space is "/sandbox/jacob"

Using the "generic_linux" case

One of the options in the create_newcase is "generic_linux".

We'll try to set up a data-model run.

  1. in ccsm3_0/scripts, run "./create_newcase -case /sandbox/jacob/T31test -mach generic_linux -res T31_gx3v5 -compset A"
  2. cd to /sandbox/jacob/T31test.
  3. edit env_mach.generic_linux and
    1. setenv $SCRATCH /sandbox/jacob
    2. edit DIN_LOC_ROOT to point to location of CCSM inputdata
    3. edit DOUT_S_ROOT to point to /sandbox/jacob/archive/$CASE
  4. run "./configure -mach generic_linux"
  5. Error message "/sandbox/jacob/T31test/env_mach.anchorage: No such file or directory"

So much for "generic_linux"

Defining the machine in ccsm_utils