Last modified 16 years ago Last modified on 02/28/07 10:32:18

Getting CRM to Compile on LINUX

To get CRM to compile under LINUX you will first have to edit the Makefile. You will need to point NETCDF_INC and NETCDF_LIB to a pgi compiled version of the libraries. Next, in the LINUX options, add the '-Mextend' flag to the FC options after pgf90. This should be around line 180.

After this, you will need to make one code modification. In the file src/ccmlsm_share/getmem.F line 44 should be #if ( defined SUN ) || ( defined RS6K ) || ( defined SGI )

The compiler has trouble finding the intrinsic function malloc without this. Under these options, CRM should use gcc and pgf90 to compile.