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Notes for running the SciDAC ESM sulfur simulations.

Make sure "xmlchange" from scripts/ccsm_utils/Tools is in your path.

Run the special create case script that Philip created. Its in the script directory and called create_B_SUPER_FAST_PJC_b35_CAM3.6.69_v2. You can change the case name by editing line 24.

After step 2, you'll have a case directory with a SourceMods? directory. Copy the relevant Sourcemods from my tar file to this one.

in models/ocn/pop2/input_templates, copy the *.startup versions of the ocn.tracegas.setup and ocn.ecosys.setup files to the same name without the "startup" before doing an initial run. When you're ready to do a restart run, copy the "*.restart" versions of those files.

Change env_mach_pes.xml

Add to env_mach_specific module swap xt-asyncpe xt-asyncpe/3.7

In env_build.xml, change this line: entry id="OCN_TRACER_MODULES" value="iage ecosys" to entry id="OCN_TRACER_MODULES" value="iage ecosys tracegas"

And in Buildconf/cam.buildnml.csh, remove this line (line 70): 'DMS -> $DIN_LOC_ROOT/atm/cam/chem/1850_emis/'

For a branch run, in env_conf.xml, set RUN_REFCASE to ESM_SFASTv2_DMS_1850 and RUN_REFDATE to 0020-01-01. Then grab my restarts from /home/jacob/ESM_SFASTv2_DMS_1850/rest/0020-01-01-00000 on the mass store.