21:11 Milestone 0.4 completed
Beginning PBS integration. Support jobs as first-level entities.
18:07 Manual/cbank created by janderso
18:01 WikiStart edited by janderso


16:52 Ticket #292 (make an rpm specfile) closed by janderso
fixed: Added in r859.


13:42 Ticket #280 (rename allocation.expiration to allocation.end) closed by janderso
fixed: Replying to janderso: > This has been changed at every level …


15:35 Ticket #293 (cbank should behave appropriately when there are errors in ...) created by janderso
This includes not freaking out when the file is not present.


13:45 Ticket #292 (make an rpm specfile) created by janderso
Unfortunately for us, "setup.py bdist_rpm" doesn't properly support …
13:11 Ticket #287 (stop using Session() unnecessarily) closed by janderso
fixed: Complete in r842.
11:34 Ticket #289 (remove user from hold) closed by janderso
fixed: Done in r841.
11:00 Ticket #291 (replace the %_by_name() function calls with %() where appropriate) created by janderso


14:58 Ticket #290 (args in lists represent entity ids) created by janderso
12:38 Ticket #289 (remove user from hold) created by janderso
Since I've already (apparently) removed users from charges (in favor of …


16:48 Ticket #188 (allow editing of entities) closed by janderso
fixed: r837 adds support for deleting charges. r838 supports deleting individual …
14:34 Ticket #288 (add a -f, --force flag that allows deleting allocations that already have ...) created by janderso


14:54 Ticket #287 (stop using Session() unnecessarily) created by janderso
When a session is used only once, there is no reason to call Session(), …
13:31 Ticket #285 (remove deprecated features) closed by janderso
fixed: r829
13:12 Ticket #286 (add Session.remove() to the end of test run methods) created by janderso
10:35 Ticket #285 (remove deprecated features) created by janderso
The -m flag (message, rather than comment) for new entities.


16:50 Ticket #278 (rename "cbank report" to "cbank list") closed by janderso
fixed: Fixed again in r827.
16:47 Ticket #278 (rename "cbank report" to "cbank list") reopened by janderso
Report, due to capitalization, was not replaced.
15:00 Ticket #243 (expired allocations should never be "available") closed by janderso
fixed: Fixed in r823 and r824.


15:50 Ticket #278 (rename "cbank report" to "cbank list") closed by janderso
fixed: Done in r822.


10:20 Ticket #100 (cobalt interface) closed by janderso
invalid: This isn't really even a clusterbank issue.
10:19 Ticket #28 (provide script for resource factor) closed by janderso
invalid: Database-level resource factors have gone away, but this ticket has a …
10:13 Ticket #284 (add an allocation filter to the appropriate cbank reports) created by janderso
* list users * list projects * list holds * list charges Display a …


15:01 Ticket #271 (add a -j, --jobs filter to cbank) closed by janderso
13:14 Ticket #279 (relate jobs to holds) closed by janderso
fixed: Done in r809 and r810.
12:11 Ticket #280 (rename allocation.expiration to allocation.end) created by janderso
Typing allocation.expiration has gotten old very fast, and isn't any …
12:08 Ticket #174 (refactor allocations from start->expiration to start->duration) closed by janderso
wontfix: I have decided against this due to the complexities of modern dates. …
11:59 Ticket #279 (relate jobs to holds) created by janderso
Holds should be related to jobs in exactly the same way that charges are.
11:20 Ticket #278 (rename "cbank report" to "cbank list") created by janderso
"cbank list" gets rid of some obtuse "clever" nomenclature. Continue to …
11:04 Ticket #275 (add verbosity to cbank import jobs) closed by janderso
fixed: This has been committed in r805.
09:52 Ticket #121 (audit the testsuite) closed by janderso


13:16 Ticket #273 (make job-charge relationship 1:M) closed by janderso


17:10 Ticket #277 (cbank import jobs has unhandled exception) closed by janderso
fixed: This is a fairly straightforward case of bad copy/pasting. Fix committed …


15:31 Ticket #277 (cbank import jobs has unhandled exception) created by janderso
Yes, I know this is the wrong way to use cbank import jobs, but it should …
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