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This is where I will be working on a single, cohesive manual documenting the cbank interface to clusterbank. It's obviously not here yet (though I hope to have something much more useful here tomorrow) but until then...

man pages

The man pages for cbank are relatively complete but a a little inaccessible due to the metacommand architecture of cbank.

When you run "cbank" what you are really running, by default, is "cbank-list-projects", which is the default subcommand. This displays the number of jobs run, amount charged to, and amount available to each project that you are a member of.

Other commands of general interest are "cbank-list-allocations" and "cbank-list-charges", each of which can be accessed without the dashes as well, through metacommand magic. Each is also documented in manpages if you identify them specifically. Try "man cbank-list-allocations" and "man cbank-list-projects" for example.

Until there is better documentation here, though, please feel free to email any questions, feature requests, or bugs to me, at [email protected]….