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Why am I getting the error "unknown resource: surveyor,intrepid"?

Multi-value options have changed syntax in 0.3 from comma-separated values to multiple options. In stead of

-r resource1,resource2


-r resource1 -r resource2

How do I get just the total line from the charges report?

The charges report is designed to display information "by charge" and has a total line for convenience. If you want that information aggregated "by project" or "by allocation," use the "projects" (default) or "allocations" report in stead.

How can I find the job id associated with a charge?

While clusterbank 0.3 does not have canonical access to job ids, it is stored (along with the queue, partition, etc) in the comment field for the charge. This field is available in the details for a given charge...

cbank detail charge <charge id>

...and in the standard charges report with the -c, --with-comments flag.

cbank charges -c

What do I do if my issue isn't addressed here?

Contact ALCF Support, or send mail to Jonathon Anderson, the primary developer of clusterbank.