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A new version of clusterbank (0.3.2) has been enabled in the default software environment on Surveyor and Intrepid. Along with the requisite bug fixes, changes have been made to the command-line user interface, cbank.

Some architectural changes have been made with respect to how the different reports are called internally, having the effect that the report name must come before any other options. For example, where before "cbank -p project1 charges" was admissible, now it must be "cbank charges -p project1".

new reports

A 'users' report has been added to display charge summaries "by-user". A 'holds' report has been added, parallel to the 'charges' report, to display active holds. (The ALCF does not yet utilize holds.)

report options

The 'projects', 'allocations', and 'charges' reports have all been updated to behave more intuitively by default and when presented with the available options.

default 'charges' time window

The 'charges' report now displays, by default, only those charges that occurred within the past 7 days. You can override this behavior using the -a, --after option:

cbank charges -a 2008-04-01

report columns

The columns of the three existing reports has changed.




Multi-value options

Multi-value option processing has changed from comma-separated values to multiple options. For example:

cbank -p project1,project2


cbank -p project1 -p project2

-e, --extra-data

The -e, --extra-data flags that is available on some reports has been deprecated in favor of -c, --with-comments to better reflect its purpose in 0.3.

entity ids

The allocation and charge reports now provide an id column. This id can be used to get detailed information on any specific allocation or charge:

cbank detail charge <charge id> ...
cbank detail allocation <allocation id> ...

An FAQ page for the 0.3 series is available at

Please contact the ALCF Support Helpdesk, [email protected]…, if you have any trouble, questions, or comments.