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Update for 0.99.38

Summary of Changes From Previous Cobalt Versions

Changes to 0.99.38

  • Added numerous dependency changes. Notably, jobs in dep_hold states will no longer accrue eligible wait time or score. Previously, dep_hold jobs would accrue eligible wait times unlike admin_hold or user_hold states. (Cobalt Ticket #4308)
  • Two display fixes for cluster systems that allow multiple node-name prefixes to be handled correctly by the nodelist merging code and to correctly compact names if leading 0's are used in location numbers like "foo001.machine". (Cobalt Ticket #4313 and #4277)
  • Corrected two race conditions in the BlueGene?/Q system components where a location with offline hardware could be selected for draining on a scheduling pass. Though Cobalt would never try to actually run on the offline block, It could end up draining resources needlessly, and impact machine usage. The first could happen at any time, the second only occurred at the end of booting a block. (Cobalt Ticket #4311)

Changes to 0.99.37

  • Fixed issue where a reservation could hit it's activation check while it is being deactivated, causing those events should be reversed. Released reservations can't activate. (Cobalt Ticket #4289)
  • COBALT_JOBSIZE and COBALT_PARTSIZE have been added to interactive jobs. (Cobalt Ticket #4294)
  • Job dependencies require the same project to gain score from eachother. (Cobalt Ticket #4293)
  • now handles "=" in arguments correctly. (Cobalt Ticket #4292)

Changes to 0.99.36

  • Fix for issues in get-bootable-blocks and with block booting. Block names are now properly sorted. A race condition between boot-block and update_block_state has been fixed. The return statuses for boot-block have also been corrected for failed boots. (Cobalt Ticket #4282 and #4280)

Changes to 0.99.35

  • Fixed an issue where a block being removed in the BGQ control system between block detection and the block being added for tracking could result in blocks being erroniously marked as idle. (Cobalt Ticket #4268)

Changes to 0.99.34

  • Fixed an issue where Cobalt could have a memory leak if was terminated early the boot tracking object may never be cleaned up.
  • Numerous enhancements and fixes to handle multiple overlaping queues in the system with respect to draining and backfilling. (Cobalt Ticket #663)
  • Fixed some typos in the documentation for qsub.
  • COBALT_RESID is now appropriately set in interactive mode jobs (Cobalt Ticket #703)

Changes to 0.99.33

  • Fixed issue where adding blocks while the system component is running can cause the system component's block update loop to fail. (Cobalt Ticket #695)
  • Preliminary fix for a racecondition that can cause subblock jobs to terminate early (Cobalt Ticket #690)
  • Added T-Minus to showres (Cobalt Ticket #692)
  • Fixed an error in qalter where attemtpts to change the users on a running job caused qalter to fail. (Cobalt Ticket #694)

Changes to 0.99.32

  • Cluster systems now drain for larger jobs, and will backfill into the draining hardware. (Cobalt Ticket #663)
  • Fixed a bug in the prologue_helper where a silent failure on sending the hostfile to nodes could occur silently (Cobalt Ticket #686)

Changes to 0.99.31

  • Interactive mode jobs (qsub -I) are now supported on the BlueGene?/Q. (Cobalt Ticket #107)
  • Timestamps are now included in cobaltlog lines (Cobalt Ticket #344 and #669)
  • Multiple mode arguments will result in a qsub rejection (Cobalt Ticket #664)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing COBALT_STARTTIME and COBALT_ENDTIME to not be set for compute node jobs in cX jobs. (Cobalt Ticket #673)

Changes to 0.99.30

  • This is a fix release that corrects a bug that can be encountered when upgrading to 0.99.27 from prior versions where ion_kerneloptions in cqm is improperly set. (Cobalt Ticket #665)

Changes to 0.99.29

  • Interactive jobs are experimentally available for cluster systems.

Changes to 0.99.28

  • Cobalt now supports qsub options in script mode jobs similarly to other job scheduler scripts. The form is #Cobalt <qsub option> <option argument>. Most qsub options are supported, except for mode. Jobs using this feature must be script mode jobs. This is similar in style to PBS-directives. (Cobalt Ticket #354)
  • Fixed a bug in cluster systems where a failure duing job startup could result in all nodes for a job being stuck in the allocated state (Cobalt Ticket #662)
  • $COBALT_STARTTIME and $COBALT_ENDTIME added to job's environments, these are the Unix timestamp for when the job started, and when Cobalt will terminate the job due to exceeding walltime. (Cobat Ticket #593)
  • A requested walltime of 0 will set the job to run for the time remaining in a reservation. (Cobalt Ticket #474)
  • The --env flag to qsub now aggregates multiple instances of the flag rather than overriding the prior instance (Cobalt Ticket #657)

Changes to 0.99.27

  • Alternate kernel support for BG/Q compute nodes and IO nodes is available. Numerous configuration settings have been added to support this. (Cobalt ticket #621)
  • If $jobid is included in a job name specification or an environment variable, at submission time, Cobalt will substitute the generated jobid for that job. See man qsub for more details. (Cobalt ticket #617)
  • The Cobalt jobid is now explicitly added in the cobaltlog file. (Cobalt ticket #390)
  • The name of a job can now be specified seperately from naming the output files. (Cobalt ticket #625)
  • Multiple locations can be passed to reservations through the -p option as a ':'-delimited list. (Cobalt ticket #405)
  • cqadm can now be used to release user hold, as well as put jobs into a user hold as well as an admin hold (Cobalt ticket #382)
  • The users field can be removed from a reservation using setres -m -u '*'. (Cobalt ticket #381)
  • Releaseres should now report the correct partiton count on reservation release (Cobalt ticket #470)
  • Reservations now show time remaining in showres once the reservation is active. (Cobalt ticket #585)
  • Schedctl should handle flipping score and jobid arguments more gracefully and no longer silently discards invalid options. (Cobalt ticket #502)
  • ':' and '=' may now be escaped as '\:' and '\=' in the --envs argument (Cobalt ticket #589)
  • Reservations may now take 'now' for the start time of a reservation (Cobalt ticket #546)
  • "GEOMETRY", "ION_KERNEL" and "ION_KERNELOPTIONS have been added to the JOB_DATA table of the Cobalt database and "BLOCK_PASSTHROUGH" has been added to RESERVATION_DATA

Changes to 0.99.26

  • Corrected a bug that was causing messages in the clients that used to go to stdout to go to stderr instead

Changes to 0.99.25

  • Fixes for clients that were causing erronious default values for proccount have been fixed.
  • The setgid wrapper now calls a site-selectable python interperter with the '-E' flag by default.
  • A bug that could cause TimeRemaining? to show negative values has been fixed
  • Queues may be added or removed from blocks without overwriting the entire list with new options in partadm using --rmq or --appq with the --queue option.

Changes to 0.99.24

  • Reverting client changes. Found some issues when deploying to test systems
  • --defer flag has been reverted with these as a casualty.

Changes to 0.99.23

  • Client code has undergone a refactor. Numerous bugs have been addressed with these that were found while improving test coverage of this code
  • IO Block booting and automatic control has been added. Please consult the partadm manpage for details
  • This release requires pybgsched-0.1.3
  • A user may voluntarily set their job's score to 0 and let it re-accrue using qalter --defer (Ticket #590)

Changes to 0.99.22

  • Fix for a deadlock that could occur due to a race condition in the boot-reaping code.
  • Fix for a pid collision that could occur after a forced delete of a job in the system-script-forker component leading to a job getting stuck in the Job_Epilogue state.
  • python 2.7 and it's change to the XMLRPC libraries are now supported.

Changes to 0.99.21

  • Minor fix release to correct a failure mode where we can lose a process group if a job's boot is delayed.

Changes to 0.99.20

  • Small changeset to fix a race condition that was hanging jobs that came in on 0.99.19
  • Better error logging for situations where the boots and the process group information haven't lined up yet. This usually happens during high-load and can result in block boot completion never being detected.

Changes to 0.99.19

  • Manual boot control has been added
  • major refactor of compute block rebooting

Changes to 0.99.18

  • Fix for other systems that were seeing erronious geometry data
  • SoftwareFailure? now accurately reported

Changes to 0.99.17

  • Support for --geometry has been added. This will constrain a job to run

blocks having a specific geometry in nodes, partadm, partlist and qstat have been updated to show this.

  • Support for passthrough blocking reservations has been added.
  • Fixed a bug where a job run outside of Cobalt would not properly block resources.
  • Removed autoreboot in the event of a block entering a control system SoftwareFalure? state on BG/Q. Normal cleanup should handle this now.

Changes to 0.99.15

  • Fix for an issue that was causing partadm to malfunction when reservations

were set on the system.

Changes to 0.99.12

  • As a note, this is a release of fixes and backported features from BG/Q
  • Fixed issues that could cause a bad hardware state to be overridden as

"blocked" allowing the block to be drained

  • Fix for a situation where a partition that is inelligible to run due to a

pending reservation is selected for draining.

Changes to 0.99.11

  • Fix for an additional circumstance that can cause a small reservation to

collapse a backfill window to zero.

Changes to 0.99.10

  • Fixed an issue that was introduced in 0.99.6 where children were not being

properly added to a block. This caused strange behavior in reservations, including failure to run jobs smaller than the reservation or a small job running on the largest block in a reservation

  • Refactored the update_block_state code to operate more similarly to the way

BG/P is currently doing it. This should correct an issue where a block can have an error state overridden.

  • Cleaned up a circumstance where wires between passthrough midplanes can be

added to a block's wire list. This can cause erronious wiring conflicts to be detected.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate wires were being added

Changes to 0.99.9

  • Fixed an issue where a job could choose a block for draining that is blocked

by a pending reservation. This would cause the backfill time to collapse to zero.

  • Added code to take blocks offline if passthrough nodeboards reported their state

as in error. It does not offline them if it is only a compute node down, it must be the nodeboard itself in error as would be set by a BOARD_IN_ERROR control action.

Changes to 0.99.8

  • Fixed an issue where dimensions without cables (like the A,B, and C dimensions on a 2 midplane system) would cause the system component to fail on boot.

Changes to 0.99.7

  • Cable errors are now properly detected
  • IO Node errors in available links are detected
  • Due to changes, libpybgsched v 0.1.1 is required. This also means the V1R1M1 driver changes can also be enabled.

Changes to 0.99.6

  • Performance improvements over 0.99.5 in update_block_state and wiring conflict detection. This makes the partadm commands far more responsive.
  • Corrected an error in a block's children that affected cold (non-statefile) startup.

Changes to 0.99.0pre36

  • Fixed bug in resource reservation that would leave a reserved partition in the 'idle' state
  • Updated the code that sets the kernel profile for a partition to set the profile even if no profile is currently set

Changes to 0.99.0pre35

  • Fixed bug where pickling IncrID could fail when deleting db related attributes from the object's dictionary

Changes to 0.99.0pre34

  • Time spent in the hold state is now exported to the utility function
  • bgsystem now tracks forked tasks using a (forker, id) tuple instead of just id in order to prevent id collisions in the active jobs list
  • Updated cleanup and resource reservation in bgsystem updated to prevent multiple partition cleanups for a single job
  • Forker classes updated so that logging messages properly identify the component from which they came
  • Added LOGNAME and SHELL to the environment of script jobs
  • Resolved a bug in the cdbwriter-api where a job object which had no data records could endless recurse in _jr_obj.getattr looking for valid fields
  • Implemented support for common job ID pool through database ID generation
  • PYTHONPATH may now be explicitly set when building the wrapper program
  • Fix for cobalt-mpirun where the -env flag was being improperly handled
  • Updated Cobalt's database documentation diagrams

Changes to 0.99.0pre31

  • Cleaned up reservation logging and database logging
  • Reservations can now be tagged by adding a -A flag to setres
  • A view of reservations with resid, cycleid and project can be obtained via

the -x flag to showres.

Changes to 0.99.0pre30

  • Improved logging of reservations to the cobalt database.
    • "ending" event changed to "terminated" indicates that the reservaiton

has been ended and cleaned up.

  • added "deferred" event for when reservations are deferred (setres -D)
  • added "deactivating" event for when reservation come to a natural end

(i.e. run out of time)

  • added "releasing" event for a user-requested release of a reservation
  • deferrals of reservations now no longer cause new reservation_data

table entries to be generated. The subsequent cycle does that.

  • cluster_system has had a variety of enhancements. Notably:
    • setting simulation_mode true in the cobalt config file will allow the

cluster_system component to enter a test mode, where it can be run on a development machine without a supporting cluster.

  • nodes are now recognized as being allocated when a location is selected

and sent back to the scheduler component as a runnable location. A timeout is set for the partition, and by default this is 300 seconds (5 minutes). This can be changed reset at execution time from the cobalt config file. Should resources be allocated, but the job be terminated prior to a run (prescript failure due to a dead node, or a hasty user kill, for instance), this will ensure that the nodes are released.

  • Jobs submitted to cluster_system will now have arguments passed to the job

recognized, as they are on BlueGene? type systems.

Changes to 0.99.0pre29

  • Arguments that get passed to scripts (not script jobs but pre and

postscripts) are now being properly escaped.

  • Cobaltlogs are now being written to by cqm in a separate thread, and

should allow scheduling to continue in the event of a filesystem hang.

  • qalter has had a bug fixed where it was passing back nodecounts and proccounts

as a string rather than an int.

  • jobs in cqm that do not have a timer are appropriately destroyed rather

than entering into an infinite loop of attempting to run the job.

  • Fix for the situation where a resid can be duplicated in the case of a

cycling reservation

Changes to 0.99.0pre28

  • Modification to the XMLRPC base proxy class that allows you to turn off

automatic retries from the cobalt side on the proxy by requesting no retries. This should be used for non-idempotent tasks like job-launching.

  • Modified cqm's retry behavior to include a runid when running a job, so and

retrying so that bgforker doesn't try to start the same job twice.

  • Timezone display corrected. If available, cobalt will try to use the pytz

library (Olsen Timezone Database).

Changes to 0.99.0pre27

  • Restored COBALT_JOBID and COBALT_RESID in back-end jobs. This was erroniously

removed in 0.99.0pre26.

Changes to 0.99.0pre26

  • Fixed bug where environmental variables passed into a job from the --env flag

of qsub and qalter would leak into the environment of bgforker and from there into subsequent mpirun process environments. These did not leak into the backend-job environments. Cluster-system component jobs did not see issues with this due to an apparent bug in envrionment handling.

  • A job's exit status is now added to the Cobalt Database as exit_status
  • COBALT_RESID is set in mpirun jobs

Changes to 0.99.0pre25

  • Various timezone formatting changes including:
    • setres takes the reservation time depending on what TZ is set to
    • qstat and showres show times in a unified format, that includes

offset and three-letter timezone designation

  • showres has a flag --oldts where it shows timestamps in the original

format for compatibility with old scripts

  • Forker was not handling spaces in arguments to scripts correctly
  • schedctl no longer gives an erronious error message about requiring a job id

for --start, --stop

  • Statemachine state-transition function pointers are now regenerated at

restart as well as job initialization, to allow for transparent state- machine adjustments

Changes to 0.99.0pre24

  • Fixes for arguments to pre and post scripts for jobs
  • showres reverted to not include id's
  • Fixes for script-mode jobs

Changes to 0.99.0pre23

  • Script jobs run with their own shells from forker to prevent 32/64 bit execution environment issues

Changes to 0.99.0pre22

  • Bgforker modified so that helper scripts can be run
  • KNOWN ISSUE: job preemption is not working correctly in this version.
  • Resid now added to jobs at runtime, if they are run in a reservation.
  • Fix for partially overlapping partitions being scheduled at the same time

and properly detecting reservations.

Changes to 0.99.0pre21

  • Fix to reduce chance of cluster system nodes from being hung-up on job exit.
  • Adding in backfill prediction functionality. This is by default disabled.
  • Various fixes and updates to the mk_* cobalt backup scripts. These can be

used to restore state should a change that is destructive to statefiles is made (like the 0.99.0pre16 to 0.99.0pre17 change).

  • resid and cycleid can be set via setres
  • time.sleep() wrapped to prevent kernel level IOError from creeping out on

ppc64 linux platforms.

Changes to 0.99.0pre20

  • stderr log messages now contain timestamps
  • ensemble jobs that use -nofree without a -wait free are now cleaned up properly
  • environment variables in cert, key and ca options in config files are expanded