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       boot-block [ --block block-name ] [ --jobid jobid ] [--free] [--reboot]


       boot-block is a command that prompts Cobalt's system component to boot,
       free,  or reboot a a block on behalf of a user.  This can boot, free or
       reboot a block.  The command will complete after the  requested  opera‐
       tion  has  completed.  To execute commands on a block, the user issuing
       the command must be the user running the job, and must have that block,
       or  a  block with a superset of the resources allocated to them through
       Cobalt.  Once the Cobalt resource allocation ends, all blocks booted by
       this command on the allocated block will be freed.


       -d --debug
              Turn on communication debugging

       -h --help
              Displays the usage and a brief descriptions of the options

              Displays client revision and Cobalt version

       --block block-name
              Boot  the  specified block. If the block is already booted, this
              will not cause the block to free.  If this is not specified, the
              COBALT_PARTNAME  enviornment variable is checked and used as the
              block to boot.

       --jobid jobid
              Boot a block for the specified jobid.  The executing  user  must
              be the owner of the resource allocation in Cobalt, and the jobid
              must be running.  The environment variable COBALT_JOBID is  used
              if this option is not provided.

       --free Free  the  specified  block,  and  allow  it's  resources  to be
              rebooted, or be rebooted as a part of another block.   All  run‐
              jobs  on the target resource must be terminated for a block free
              to complete. This must not  be  used  in  conjunction  with  the
              --reboot flag.

              Reboot  the specified block.  This executes a free followed by a
              boot.  The block will be ready to run jobs on completion.   Like
              the  --free option the free stage will only complete if all run‐
              ning jobs on the target block have been  terminated.   This  may
              not be used with the --free option.


       qsub(1), get-bootable-blocks(1)