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       get-bootable-blocks [  --size  nodecount  ]  [  --geometry  geometry  ]


       get-bootable-blocks  by  default will return a list of block names that
       Cobalt's system component has marked as bootable at the  moment.   This
       list is sorted first by block size and then in ascending lexical order.


       -d --debug
              Turn on communication debugging

       -h --help
              Displays the usage and a brief descriptions of the options

              Displays client revision and Cobalt version

       --size nodecount
              Return only blocks of the specified nodecount

       --geometry geometry
              Return only blocks with the specified geometry.  The geometry is
              in the form of AxBxCxDxE where A, B, C, D, and E are the extents
              of the block geometry in nodes.


       qsub(1), boot-block(1)

version 0.99.19                February 15, 2012        get-bootable-blocks(1)