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       partadm [-a|-d] part1 part2

       partadm -l

       partadm [--activate|--deactivate] part1 part2

       partadm [--enable|--disable] part1 part2

       partadm --queue=queue1:queue2 [--rmq | --appq] part1 part2

       partadm --fail part1 part2

       partadm --unfail part1 part2

       partadm --savestate=<full path to file>

       partadm --xml

       partadm --boot-stop

       partadm --boot-enable

       partadm --boot-status

       partadm --version


       partition administration tool


       The following options are available on all BlueGene platforms.

              Turn on communication debugging

       -h --help
              Displays the usage and a brief descriptions of the options

              Displays client revision and Cobalt version

       -a     Add new partitions into the scheduler

       -d     Delete partitions from the scheduler

       -l     List partitions and their properties

              Set the partition as functional
              --rmq to remove queue(s) or --appq to append queue(s)

       --rmq  Remove queues specified in --queue from specified partitions.

       --appq Append queues specified in --queue to the specified partitions.

       --fail Manually fail a partition in the same way as  a  partition  that
              has failed diagnostics.

              Manually clear the failed state from a partition that has failed
              diagnostics (or has been marked failed by the --fail command).

              Force the system component to write the statefile to the  speci‐
              fied file (full path must be supplied)

       --xml  This  option  is  only available when running bgsystem (i.e. not
              the simulator).  It will produce an XML  file  on  standard  out
              which  describes  the  partitions  being  managed by the running
              cobalt.  This file is suitable for use with the simulator.

       --dump Dump partition state

       -r --recursive
              Activate recursive mode. All child partitions of  all  specified
              partitions will be modified (for activate/deactivate/enable/dis‐

       -b --blockinfo
              Print the detailed  state  and  information  for  all  requested
              blocks.  On BlueGene/Q platforms, this will also accept IO block
              names.  When submitting names for multiple blocks, compute block
              names may be mixed with IO block names.

       -c --clean_block
              Force  the  block to cleanup and clear all internal reservations
              on that resource.


              Diable booting of any job.

              Enable booting of any job.

              Show whether or not booting is enabled.

       -i --list_io
              List information on IO blocks.  This may be combined with the -l
              aged by Cobalt for this command to have an effect  on  a  target

              Enable  the listed IO blocks to be automatically booted/rebooted
              by Cobalt

              Remove the auto reboot flag from the listed IO blocks.

              Set the flag to allow Cobalt to  automatically  boot  IO  blocks
              marked for automatic control.

              Stop  Cobalt  from  automatically  booting  IO blocks marked for
              automatic control.

              Query whether or not Cobalt is  set  to  automatically  boot  IO

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