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       qalter [<options>] <jobid> [ <jobid> ... ]


       qalter changes properties of jobs already submitted to the  queue  man‐


       -d --debug
              Turn on communication debugging

       --help Displays the usage and a brief descriptions of the options

              Displays client revision and Cobalt version

       -A --project project
              Associate  the job with the allocation for project project. This
              is used to properly account for machine usage.

       --attrs <attributes>
              Modify    attributes    for     jobs     in     args.     Format

              for jobs in args (jobid1:jobid2:..)

              If --mode script is specified, this will cause Cobalt to run the
              job script without booting the  block  first.   By  default  the
              script is executed after the requested block is booted.

              If prebooting a block has been disabled, re-enable it.

              Defer jobs in the argument list for the current user.

       -e --error stderr file path
              Send job stderr to file specified.

       --geometry <geometry_spec>
              Sets  the  geometry  of  the  block that the jobs should run on.
              This is in the form of AxBxCxDxE.  This must be the geometry  of
              the compute block.  This may not be a fraction of a block. Geom‐
              etry may be unset if "None" is passed as the geometry specifica‐

       -h --held'
              hold jobs in args',action='store_true

       --proccount process count
              Specify the number of processes to start

       --run_users --user_list <user1>:<user2>
              Sets  a  colon-separated list of users for the job being submit‐
              ted.  All users in this list will be able to execute cobalt com‐
              mands  to control the job. The submitting user is always able to
              run commands on a submitted job.

              Appends the list of users in a project  to  the  list  of  users
              authorized to run commands on the submitted job.

       -t --time wall clock time
              Specify  the  runtime  for a job. The time specified is the full
              amount in minutes allotted to the job for execution. If the  job
              runs over this limit, it will be killed. If colon-delimited time
              is specified, the format is HH:MM:SS.

              Also note that relative time is allowed.  A time argument with a
              '+' at the beginning will add the argument amount to the current
              walltime, while an argument with a '-'  at  the  beginning  will
              subtract the argument amount from the current walltime.


       qsub(1), qstat(1)