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       setres  [modify  or create reservation options] partition1 [ partition2 ... partitionN ]

       setres [id changing options]


       This program creates or modifies a scheduler reservation.

OPTIONS TO MODIFY OR CREATE RESERVATION (partition arguments required)

              Turn on communication debugging.

       -h --help
              Displays the usage and a brief descriptions of the options

              Displays client revision and Cobalt version

       -A --project
              Set project name

       -D --defer
              Defer current (or next) iteration of recurring reservation (must
              be used with -m)

       -c --cycletime
              Set  the  cycle  time  (in minutes or DD:HH:MM:SS).  This is the
              amount of time from reservation start until it is  automatically
              renewed.  This can be used to create repeating reservations.

       -d --duration
              Set duration (in minutes or HH:MM:SS)

       -m --modify
              Modify an existing reservation, specified with -n.

       -n --name
              Set reservation name

       -p --partition
              Set use partition. Now optional

       -q --queue
              Set  the queue name, if something other than the standard reser‐
              vation naming convention is desired.

       -s --starttime
              Set start time (in format YYYY_MM_DD-HH:MM)

              only used with --res_id or --cycle_id options

              reservation id (int)


       showres(1), releaseres(8)