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Fathom Build Tools

To simplify building Fathom projects, there are a number (currently, that number is "two") of useful tools. This page describes them.

Rebuilding Fathom Projects

Keeping up-to-date with the SVN HEAD of the Fathom projects can be a lot of effort in terms of running commands. To simplify this, we have a simple build script in Python that lets you (mostly) automatically go through the update/build process.

How to use it: put the script somewhere in your PATH, edit the actual build steps as you find appropriate (you might want to change where the libs get installed, for instance), and then type "build <myproject>" on the command line. If you want to update from SVN first (this will also trigger an autoreconf/configure), specify "-u" as an option. If you run "build -h", it'll give you a list of all the options.

Other stuff you can do: you can run multiple builds like so: "build cgm moab". You can also specify groups of builds so they all get run with one name: "build itaps" (builds CGM, MOAB, Lasso).

Building MOAB in Parallel

For a discussion on building MOAB in parallel along with a script to simplify the process, head to Building and Using MOAB on the ITAPS Trac page.