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Building MeshKit with Mesquite

Download version Mesquite 2.99 from Sandia web site Mesquite Download Page : mesquite-2.99.tar.gz

Mesquite user manual is available at User Guide

The following change is needed in case cgm is build against Cubit 12.2, to avoid namespace conflicts

Change AC_INIT(..) line to look like this

AC_INIT(Mesquite, 3.99)

Also, in this case, all dependent libraries have to be build statically, including cgm, moab, Lasso and meshkit. ( python bindings will not work !)

configure mesquite with a command like this, to build itaps linking libraries:

$ ./configure --prefix=/sandbox/lib/serial/mesquite --with-igeom=/sandbox/lib/serial/cgm/lib/ --with-imesh=/sandbox/lib/serial/moab/lib/ --with-irel=/sandbox/lib/serial/Lasso/lib/ --enable-debug

Alternatively, you can change Mesquite namespace with a configure command --enable-namespace=MyNS, where the value “MyNS” can be replaced with any string that is an acceptable C++ namespace label. (See User Guide, section 2.2.4). Cubit 12.2 uses namespace Mesquite2, so you should use something different, to avoid conflicts.

Please patch the mesquite/itaps/MsqIMesh.cpp using the attached patch. This fixes a small bug in the iMesh Mesquite interface. example of applying the patch:

  $ cd mesquite/itaps
  $ patch -p0 < patch.imeshMSQ

Then, configure meshkit with mesquite dependency:

./configure --prefix=/sandbox/lib/serial/meshkit --with-igeom=/sandbox/lib/serial/cgm --with-imesh=/sandbox/lib/serial/moab --enable-algs --enable-utils --enable-debug --disable-optimize --with-irel=/sandbox/lib/serial/Lasso --with-camal=/homes/iulian/lib/camal.5.1.0-Linux64 --with-triangle=/homes/iulian/source/triangle --enable-src --with-mesquite=/sandbox/lib/serial/mesquite