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Building on 32 bit Linux

MeshKit can be built successfully on 32 bit Ubuntu 10.04; MeshKit is build usually against Camal and Cubit 12.2. It can be configured also with mesquite; in that case, Cubit 12.2 and mesquite 2.99 are incompatible, and a shared build is difficult. It is preferred to configure CGM with occ when shared build is needed.

Example of a configuration known to work on 32 bit, serial, shared, occ based build:


$ ./configure --enable-shared --prefix=/home/user/lib/serial/cgm_occ --with-occ=/home/user/3rdparty/lib/occ --enable-debug


$ ./configure --prefix=/home/user/lib/serial/moab_occ --with-netcdf=/usr/lib --with-hdf5=/home/user/lib/serial/hdf5 --enable-debug --enable-imesh --enable-shared --disable-static


$ ./configure --prefix=/home/user/lib/serial/Lasso_occ --with-igeom=/home/user/lib/serial/cgm_occ --with-imesh=/home/user/lib/serial/moab_occ --disable-optimize --enable-debug --enable-shared


$ ./configure --prefix=/home/user/lib/serial/mesquite_occ --with-igeom=/home/user/lib/serial/cgm_occ/lib/ --with-imesh=/home/user/lib/serial/moab_occ/lib/ --with-irel=/home/user/lib/serial/Lasso_occ/lib/ --enable-debug --enable-shared


$ ./configure --prefix=/home/user/lib/serial/meshkit_occ --with-igeom=/home/user/lib/serial/cgm_occ --with-imesh=/home/user/lib/serial/moab_occ --enable-algs --enable-utils --enable-debug --disable-optimize --with-irel=/home/user/lib/serial/Lasso_occ --enable-src --enable-shared --with-triangle=/home/user/Triangle --with-mesquite=/home/user/lib/serial/mesquite_occ --with-camal=/home/user/lib/camal510

Also, verify that the shared library exists in camal510/lib folder. If not, copy it from cubit 12.2 bin folder. You may need to copy the dependency,, from the same folder.

If python bindings are needed, follow the instructions from here Building MeshKit Python Bindings