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Accessing the source code

The most recent code can be found in our git repository. The repository can be cloned by the following git command:

git clone

The repository does not include the scripts needed to configure the sourcecode for building. Use the ./prepare script to generate these files. Note that you need a recent version of autoconf (we are using version 2.63).

Nightly Builds

In order to build IOFSL from the code in the git repository, some developer tools such as automake and autoconf are required. The source distributions for IOFSL already contain the necessary build files and do not require those tools. The latest source distribution of IOFSL can be found here:

Note that these are developer versions; Some of these might not work.


We welcome all contributions (especially in the form of patches). All contributed code needs to be released under the new (3-clause) BSD license.

To submit a patch, please file a ticket and attach the patch as an attachment. Some advice about the expected patch format can be found here. The git format-patch command can be used to easily generate the patches.

For general questions, see our mailing list: [email protected]