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This page describes how to build and run IOFSL on Cray XT platforms. The steps outlined on this page have been validated on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Cray XT platforms: Jaguar (XT4) and Jaguarpf (XT5).

For general build instructions, please refer to the IOFSL build instructions.

Building IOFSL on Cray XT

  • Obtain and build IOFSL prerequisite software (described here).
    • IOFSL has been tested with the GNU compilers with CNL. To switch to these compilers:
      $: module swap PrgEnv-pgi PrgEnv-gnu
    • For BMI, two communication layers are supported: TCP / IP and Portals. We are currently test using the TCP / IP BMI module.
    • Recent versions of flex (2.5.35) and bison (2.3) are needed.
    • Autotools updates are necessary
      • autoconf v 2.63
      • automake v 1.11
  • Build IOFSL
    $: ./prepare
    $: ./configure
    $: make
  • For MPI-IO support, obtain the latest MPICH2 source code (via SVN) and build ROMIO with ZOIDFS support enabled

Running IOFSL on Cray XT

  • Build application with IOFSL support by linking with the ROMIO library built with ZOIDFS support enabled
  • The following PBS script illustrates how to start IOFSL servers and clients on Cray XT compute nodes. The basic process is to determine the addresses of the IOFSL server nodes, update the with these addresses, launch the IOFSL servers, launch the application.
    TODO: add PBS script here