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#1 jsoumagne dkimpe fixed Boost version dependency

Currently required 1.50; Is that really needed?

Might be that the functionality we use is supported by older versions.

(Ubuntu 13.04 currently comes with version 1.49)

#2 somebody carns fixed HG_Handler_process() never returns unless a request arrives

To reproduce, do the following in a Mercury server:

hg_ret = HG_Handler_process(1, HG_STATUS_IGNORE);
fprintf(stderr, "HG_Handler_process() completed.\n");

... but do not issue any RPC operations to the server. The expected behavior is that HG_Handler_process() will honor the timeout value of 1 and return even though no requests have been received, but it appears to hang indefinitely instead.

Mercury is configured to use the BMI transport in this case.

This problem is present in git revision 167235d514d544dc1f49d1f4ca7d15d8747a36d1. It worked as expected a few weeks ago but I'm not sure what revision that was.

#3 somebody dkimpe fixed test ticket email


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