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#6 somebody carns fixed NA_Initialize() failure for BMI clients

To reproduce, call:

NA_Initialize("bmi", NULL, 0);

This produces the following error:

[E 21:52:15.346942] BMI_initialize: Failed to find an appropriate listening address for the bmi method: bmi_tcp
Error in /home/pcarns/working/mercury/src/na/na_bmi.c:209 (NA_BMI_Init): BMI_initialize() failed.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

BMI was built with default configuration options and no methods other than bmi_tcp.

Mercury was built with default configuration options except that BMI support was enabled and Boost preprocessor support was enabled.

Reproduced with Mercury git revision 0d8a195d32dfc600250f2e3080e1110d9256efac (master as of 2013-08-04).

#5 somebody harms fixed need -lrt for older toolchains

Mercury needs to add -lrt in the pkg-config flags when an older GLIBC is used. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 and clock_gettime is not in GLIBC but is in librt. Here's an excerpt for a more recent clock_gettime manpage.

Link with -lrt (only for glibc versions before 2.17).

#4 jsoumagne carns fixed Support RPCs with no input arguments

It would be helpful to support RPC functions that have no input parameters (examples: "noop" operation, or a "shutdown" operation).

It is possible that Mercury supports this already but I just can't figure out how to do it properly. An example test case for this in the Mercury repo might be helpful if that is the case.

I tried two guesses: a) omitting the MERCURY_GEN_PROC call for the input struct and passing in either void or NULL as appropriate for the various register and forward function calls. b) calling MERCURY_GEN_PROC with only one argument to try to create an empty input struct.

a) produces a variety of compile errors, including "‘hg_proc_void’ undeclared", while b) produces a "error: macro "MERCURY_GEN_PROC" requires 2 arguments, but only 1 given" error message.

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