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#25 somebody jsoumagne fixed Blocking get of HG_Forward arguments (case of overflow)

HG_Forward arguments that do not fit in an eager message are pulled from the client to the server using an HG_Bulk_read call. This call is followed by an HG_Bulk_wait, preventing the server from processing other calls until the bulk transfer is over.

#24 somebody sumit fixed Fix HG_Init() and HG_Bulk_Init() to not return error when called second time.

Currently, HG_Init() and HG_Bulk_Init() return error when called the second time. This doesn't work well in cases where the user is set up as a client and also as a server. It ends up calling HG_Init() and HG_Handler_init().

We haven't figured out yet if and how we are going to fix it. Need more discussions. For now, in some places, we are going to drop the error returned by these initialization function. Look for this trac number in the code.

#22 somebody sumit fixed Resolve build warnings

Task: Add -Wundef and -Wc++-compat compiler flags to build and fix the warnings, if any.

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