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#15 sumit sumit fixed CMake build fails when TESTING enabled and changing NA plugin

Steps to reproduce: ============

  1. Configure Mercury with NA plugin (eg. BMI and others OFF) and BUILD_TESTING ON.
  2. Build. Succeeds.
  3. Reconfigure Mercury with a different NA plugin (BMI off, MPI on)
  4. Build fails. $ make clean $ make

Fails in building test code with "undefined reference to NA_BMI_Init" error.

#14 somebody sumit fixed Mercury not reporting error on BMI_initialize() failure.

In na_bmi.c, Mercury prints an error log when BMI_initialize() fails, but does not return a failure; instead continues.

#13 somebody dkimpe fixed Mercury version export

To make it simpler for mercury users to determine which version is being used, we should do the following:

1) Add a compile time version

Make mercury define HG_VERSION_MAJOR and HG_VERSION_MINOR which can be used by the preprocessor.

2) Add a runtime version retrieval method.

somehting like

int hg_version_get (unsigned int * major, unsigned int * minor);
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