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#12 somebody carns fixed na_bmi_wait() deadlock after communication failure

The na_bmi_wait() function (called in the HG_Wait() path) doesn't look like it releases mutexes correctly on all error paths. As a result, if you experience a communication failure and then try issue another RPC, it will deadlock.

Observed in git revision 35b29eb0c8ecd16daf5086a3de4723da755c377f.

#11 somebody carns fixed Excess stderr output on communication failure

I see the following messages in stderr when an RPC operation fails (for example, sending to a server that isn't up yet):

Error in /home/pcarns/working/mercury/src/na/na_bmi.c:374 (na_bmi_msg_send_unexpected): BMI_post_sendunexpected() failed.
Error in /home/pcarns/working/mercury/src/mercury.c:385 (HG_Forward): Could not send buffer.

This is problematic in cases where it is expected for communication to fail.

Observed in git 35b29eb0c8ecd16daf5086a3de4723da755c377f.

#10 somebody jsoumagne fixed Support const parameters

Because hg_proc_xxx functions are used for both encoding and decoding, const parameters cannot be passed without an explicit cast. There should be a way of avoiding that, maybe by having hg_const_string_t etc ?

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