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iMesh CCA Component

The Interoperable Technologies For Advanced Petascale Simulations (ITAPS) Center has defined a common mesh interface, iMesh, for managing “a discrete mesh composed of sets of entities, such as nodes, edges, faces and volumes, modifications to these entities and tags and tag data associated sets of entities.” Detailed information is available at the ITAPS website.

A CCA-compliant iMesh component has been written for this project. The component is a direct mapping to the iMesh C language interface defined by ITAPS and the underlying library is MOAB. Tests and optimizations are ongoing.

Building the Component

Building the component should be as simple as creating a CCA port and using the iMeshC.iMeshPort.sidl file attached to this article. After port is created, a component that provides this port can be implemented with the attached iMeshC_iMeshComponent_Impl.c file.


The iMesh component has not been extensively tested.


  • Jay Billings, ORNL